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成都先锋材料有限公司是美国先锋材料股份有限公司(Pioneer Materials Inc.)于2008年在成都投资注册的独资公司, 目前注册资本金为400万美元. 公司拥有一批高水平的技术骨干人员,集研发和生产于一体,主要开发和生产用于新 型半导体芯片,薄膜太阳能电池,热电转换设备,光学存储和涂层等新兴技术领域的材料产品,是国家认定的高新 技术企业。 在成都高新技术开发西区,公司拥有13亩地和4000多平方米的厂房设施,已取得ISO9001质量体系及ISO14001环境体系认证。 公司目前有4项有关新型材料的发明专利,13项发明专利正在申请中。公司产品包括上述应用的各种高科技薄膜溅射靶材,金属和半导体硫族元素化合物材料,以及各种成分的粉末。利用公司强大的材料科学技术力量,也为客户提供各种量身定做有关高科技材料方面的技术服务。 公司产品销售欧美,日本,台湾,东南亚以及中国内地市场。 公司使命: 成为在洁净能源,半导体芯片和各种涂层等高科技应用领域的,世界一流的材料供应商。


Pioneer Materials Inc. (PMI) is a supplier of advanced materials for thin-film deposition by sputtering and evaporation. PMI established itself with a proven record of on-time delivery, exceeding customer’s specifications, and cost competitiveness. Critical expertise in compound formation, powder processing, and powder consolidation have been developed by PMI for applications in thin-film photovoltaics, thermo-electrics, semiconductor and optical devices, and a portfolio of relevant intellectual properties has been built over years. PMI wholly owns an operation in Chengdu,China with more than 41,000 square foot manufacturing facility which is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. PMI’s customers are distributed in North America, Europe and East Asia, and has target bonding partners in the corresponding locations. PMI was founded by veterans from the semiconductor, magnetic recording and sputtering target industries focusing on high performance materials applications. Company Mission: To be a world-class supplier of the innovative materials in clean energy harvesting, semiconductor and other advanced materials applications.